My Current Favourite Podcasts

I have a LONG commute to work, which means I have a lot of time to listen to things.

For a while I listened to music, and sometimes I still do, especially when I write! But since February of this year, I have developed a strong love for podcasts.

As a result of this love, I decided that I wanted to list my three current favourite podcasts.

Without further adeiu…Let’s jump in!

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Doing Things Alone


I think we can all agree that people are very hesitant to do things alone.

I myself am one of those people sometimes, but it used to be so much worse for me.

There is this stigma that I have seen and have experienced when I am out alone or when I see people alone.

It was something I realized when I was in University. A young person was eating lunch alone, and I was there with a group of people from my class, and I found myself feeling bad for the person who was alone.

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VEGAN Things I’ve Been Eating This Week!

Let’s give a little bit of a preface to this blog post. I’ve been vegetarian with the slight occasion of pescatarian of five years. I haven’t had chicken, pork, or beef in half a decade.

As of about a month ago I decided to make the transition to veganism. I was an ethical vegetarian, so leaving milk products behind is not that difficult, and not that much of a transition for me.

I already use cruelty free skincare, and have moved to only purchasing ones that are vegan now too.

Food wise, I have been loving discovering new things to cook with, and have been taking photos of a lot of them (which you can see on my instagram!)

So, I wanted to show you guys some of the vegan stuff I’ve been eating in the past week and maybe make a series out of it! I eat 90% whole foods and try to make all of my meals so that I know I’m eating well throughout the day. You’ll see a lot of dinner here, because my lunches are always in tupperware and that doesn’t look good!

Without further adieu…let’s take a look!

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My Favourite Vegan LUSH Products (from a former LUSH staff member) | Part 1

I am a huge fan of LUSH. I’ve used it for nearly a decade now, and even worked in a store just a couple of years ago!


Just a small selection of some of the stuff I talk about in this post and the next!

As I am a former staff member, I have actually tried every single product in the store at least once (when I worked there I was vegetarian and not vegan, so I’ve even tried the products that are only veggie and not specifically vegan), so I consider myself to be somewhat of an authority on what works for myself and what would work for others.

I still recommend skin regimes and hair care products for all of my friends and family. The stuff they teach you when you work at LUSH is something that never really leaves!

This list is going to cover all of MY favourite products from LUSH. Unfortunately, a lot of my old favourites have been discontinued (and anything that has come out since I left, I may not have tried, but if I have it might be on my list!) so this will include my top products right now.

As a note, I am only going to include vegan products from LUSH in this list.  Just over 80% of LUSH’s products are vegan, so there are a lot of options if that is something important to you, and as always, everything at LUSH is cruelty free!

Let’s jump in 🙂

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